September through May Only


400 person capacity
5 hrs $990.00

  • Bar set-up/corkage No Charge You are free to make your own plans regarding food & beverage, thus allowing you to control & avoid extremely high food & beverage costs.
  • Price includes limited set up of tables & chairs, handicapped parking, food stand, stage and restrooms.
  • No rental past midnight
  • ICE Available up to 400 lbs - $75.00
  • CO2 Setup - $40.00
  • The rental of the Kehl Center is based on a 5 hour rental. There will be a one (1) hour allowance for clean up and disbursement of guests in addition to the 5 hour rental. Their will be a $100.00 charge for each 30 minutes after the allowed time. Final clean up may be done on the following business day between 7:30 and 9:00 a.m. (Ex: Saturday wedding clean up on Monday). The facilities or property of Camp Albrecht Acres will not be open to the public on Sunday, any vehicles or items left behind will not be accessible until Monday. If incurred the above stated charge will be deducted from your damage deposit.


Dormitories - $220.00 each per night - $137.50 each- 2nd consecutive night

  • Each dorm has 2 sinks
  • Bed linens & towels not provided

Dorm 1 (Kickapoo) 20 beds (1 toilet - 1 urinal - 3 showers)
Dorm 2 (Sioux) 19 beds (2 toilets - 3 showers)
Dorm 3 (Cheyenne) 20 beds (2 toilets - 3 showers)
Dorm 4 (Mohican) 23 beds (1 toilet - 1 urinal - 3 showers)


(Eagle Lodge is our dining room and kitchen)

Eagle Lodge/ no kitchen per day $192.50
Eagle Lodge w/ Kitchen per day $302.50

Eagle - no kitchen per weekend $350.00 (weekend consists of Friday - Sunday)
Eagle w/ Kitchen per weekend $500.00 (weekend consists of Friday - Sunday)

(Hawk and Owl are our sleeping lodges)

Hawk I (14 beds) $165.00 per night
Hawk II (14 beds) $165.00 per night

Owl I (22 beds) $220.00 per night
Owl II (23 beds) $220.00 per night

*** Reservation is not confirmed until a $300.00 deposit is paid in full ***

*Payment of full rental fee is due upon arrival or prior to event*

The 300.00 deposit will be released upon damage inspection within 14 days of rental

Note: Reservation & Deposit check will be cashed upon receipt

CLEAN = the facility & tables in condition you found it (including sweeping-mopping & trash disposed of) We offer a cleaning service for $150.00

Cancellation Policy

  • 60 + days notice = $50 forfeit
  • 31-60 days notice = $100 forfeit
  • 0-30 days notice = $300 forfiet


For reservations, please print out the Albrecht Acres Camp Rental Form.

Fill out that form and mail to Camp Albrecht Acres with the rental fee.

Please CONTACT US for more information on Camp Rental